Launching in 2022

Pioneering Dry Ice 2.0 – our innovative system to modernize the dry ice industry and expand its use in the world.

Redefining how dry ice is processed, transported, and delivered to establish it as a more durable and useful commodity.

Leveraging the unique fire suppression properties of dry ice to begin utilizing it as an environmentally safe tool to stop fire.

Developing exciting new applications for dry ice to positively affect our world.


Elevating Dry Ice

I grew up around dry ice and have always been mesmerized by its magic-like properties. I was also named after George Washington Carver and have always admired his passion for science and solving big problems. So when I founded this company in 2019 to explore a number of new ideas around dry ice, the Carver name felt like a natural choice to ensure this company never loses that wonder and focus on innovation. Carver Labs has quickly grown into a full suite of solutions as Carver Enterprises. We are excited to be bringing our ideas out of the lab and into the world in 2022, so sign up below to stay updated on our progress as we work to elevate dry ice.

Carver Anderson – Founder & CEO

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